Quality Assurance

"Organizational structure for Management and implementation of proposed Quality Assurance Program connected to the various project is as follows."

The project organization indicated below is based on Quality Assurance/Quality Control dependant on the execution of the job as per quality and work-load spelt out in the contract specification.

  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Welding engineer
  • NDT Inspector
  • Documentation Control System
  • Control of Non-Conforming and system
  • Inspection & Test Procedure for Field Activities
  • NDT Testes
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Project Co-Ordinator


General Manager


Quality Assurance Engineer




Heat Treatment




Radio Grapher

Quality Assurance Engineer

QA Engineer has the over all responsibility of correct closely checking execution of work, maintenance of Company’s standard and compliance to the technical requirements of Client and/or Consultant. He will report back directly to Resident Engineer.

Welding engineer

The welding engineer will supervise all welding and heat treatment operations. He will also supervise the assembly to ensure correct fit-up to obtain desired welding quality.

NDT Inspector

He is responsible for all NDT inspection, such as Radiography, DP Test, etc
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Control of Non-Conforming and system

If any fabricated and erected items do not conform to specification requirement but where deviation of requirement is of minor nature, the case shall be referred by the Quality Assurance Engineer to the Customer/Engineer-in-charge for obtaining necessary approval. The Deviations will generally come under the followings headings

  • Deviation from specified analysis or properties of material.
  • Use of materials other than those specified.
  • Accommodation of dimensional errors.

All would be subject to the agreed procedures laid-down in the quality assurance program

Documentation Control System

  • Material Inspection
  • All incoming materials should be checked to ensure that they conform to correct specification and with necessary test certificates. No materials would be issued from the stores without full documentation.
  • Stage Inspection
  • All assemblies prior to welding shall be checked thoroughly to ensure that the correct root gaps and alignments are provided

All would be subject to the agreed procedures laid-down in the quality assurance program

Dismantling Works
Fabricators and Erectors

NDT Test

The Quality Assurance Engineers is responsible for ensuring that requisite Non-Destructive Testing are carried out in accordance with specification requirements. He shall examine the test reports and radiographs.

The Quality Assurance Engineers shall fully examine the complete system for accuracy for erection and compliance with drawings. He will ensure that erection of pipes, its alignments and supports and other accessories is carried out correctly including testing, etc. as per tender specification.

Quality Assurance Engineer will keep up to date records and sign copies of all necessary tests jointly along with Engineer-in-charge.

Documentation Control System

Quality Assurance Engineer will have the over all responsibility for the quality Assurance Program. All records will be maintained by quality assurance engineer and by the planning engineer jointly.

  • To ensure system of site fabrication and erection control including process control. The Resident engineer shall be responsible for proper execution of work in accordance with the standard and specification through out and at all stage/steps of erection activity.
  • Welding engineer will be responsible of ensuring that :-
  • Specified welding procedure as per tender specification is followed up
  • Correct welding electrodes with necessary certificates are used on the job. Welding electrodes to be used on the job will be ensured by him before its use.
  • To ensure deployment of certified welders on the job as per requirement.
  • To ensure each welder is using correct type to electrodes as specified in the welding procedure, duly approved by Engineer-in-charge

These would be independently checked-up-by Quality Assurance Engineer also. The quality Assurance Engineer shall ensure any re-work associated with drawing errors, work errors, etc. is rectified properly

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